The Brooklyn College Library has opened CUNY’s first conservation lab on May 13.  The lab provides a space for restoring and repairing valuable documents from the library’s collection.  The official ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 13 featured an accompanying exhibit highlighting the restoration work of Slava Polishchuk, including seventeenth-century books, Ethiopian prayer books, and twentieth-century boxing ephemera.

May 7 was the date of the annual Brooklyn College Book Party which honors faculty who published books during the past academic year.  This year approximately 50 faculty/staff submitted copies of their books for the event which includes a luncheon and special recognition of authors.

The City Tech Library recently gained approval for its first credit-bearing course: LIB 1201: Research and Documentation in the Information Age. The course is required for students in the new Bachelor of Technology in Emerging Media Technologies program and may be used to fulfill core curriculum requirements in communications for students in other programs.  Course design efforts were led Maura Smale, supported by the other members of the department’s curriculum committee, Tess Tobin, Monica Berger, and Anne Leonard.