Volume 31, Number 1 May 2012
Monday November 20th 2017

NYPL Collaboration

On June 7 and 14, Graduate Center librarians and librarians from New York Public Library’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building exchanged visits to discuss how NYPL is serving CUNY’s graduate students.

Bryant Park Stack Extension

Graduate Center students and faculty have always been dedicated users of the NYPL research branches and have become even heavier users with the advent of MaRLI.  On June 7 Graduate Center librarians Michael Adams, Amy Balmer, Jane Fitzpatrick, Stephen Klein, Dalia Leonardo, Curtis Matthew, Polly Thistlethwaite, and Cynthia Tobar discussed the Graduate Center’s collection and services with the General Research Division’s Robert Armitage, Jay Barksdale, Marie Coughlin, Paul Friedman, Robert Kent, John Rathe, Jack Sherefkin, and Hee-Gwone Yoo.  Following this meeting, Polly provided a tour of the Mina Rees Library for the visitors.  On June 14 Amy, Curtis, Jane, Michael, Stephen, and colleagues Melissa Longhi and Jessica McGivney were given an extensive tour of the Schwarman building by Coughlin, Rose Librarian for Public Service, who also explained some of the coming changes at NYPL related to the planned closing of SIBL and the Mid-Manhattan branch.  Coughlin took the visitors beneath the library and into BPSE (Bryant Park Stack Extension) so that they could better understand the scope of NYPL’s operation and the forthcoming changes.

Michael Adams (Graduate Center)

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