Volume 30, Number 2 December 2011
Wednesday September 20th 2017

Open Access: The Year in Review

In 2011, CUNY libraries were abuzz about open-access scholarly publishing. For those who missed the hubbub, open access refers to publications available at no cost on the internet for anyone to read, download, print, copy, share, etc. The practical and economic aspects of open-access publishing can be complex, but after a year brimming with talks and workshops, many, maybe even most, CUNY library faculty understand the basics and support the open-access movement. And it doesn’t stop with librarians. We’re educating colleagues in other fields as well, winning support for open access from faculty and administrators across the university.

Curious about what’s been cooking? Check out these nine open-access milestones from the past year.

  1. Open Access Publishing Network: The Open Access Publishing Network, a discussion group on the CUNY Academic Commons for faculty, staff, and graduate students interested in open access publishing, has experienced tremendous growth in the past year. Started in late 2010, the group boasted 78 members by the end of 2011. All are invited to join.
  2. Scholarly Communication Roundtable: In February 2011, LACUNY created the Scholarly Communication Roundtable to foster conversation about open access and other scholarly communication topics.
  3. Academic Council: CUNY’s Academic Council, which includes provosts from across the university, learned about open access at its March meeting. After hearing the ins and outs and ups and down of open access, one provost asked, “What can we do to help?” What an encouraging response!
  4. Open Access @ CUNY Site: Created in May to advocate for open access at CUNY, Open Access@CUNY includes basic information about open access and a blog for open access news and events. If you’d like to join the roster of bloggers, contact the blog authors (listed on the site).
  5. ACRL Scholarly Communication 101 Road Show: CUNY library faculty worked with the Office of Library Services to create a winning application to host the ACRL Scholarly Communication 101 Road Show. On June 3, Lee VanOrsdel (Dean of University Libraries, Grand Valley State University) and Joy Kirchner (Scholarly Communication Coordinator, University of British Columbia Library) electrified an auditorium full of librarians with their deep knowledge and passion about open access. Check out their slides, handouts, and more at ACRL’s Scholarly Communication Toolkit.
  6. Open Access Week: CUNY celebrated Open Access Week (October 24-30) with events at Brooklyn, City Tech, the Graduate Center, and Hunter, as well as with a pre-Halloween quiz filled with scary facts about journal prices.
  7. Resolution in Support of an Institutional Repository: In November, after a presentation about open access and institutional repositories, CUNY’s University Faculty Senate passed a resolution in support of creating a CUNY-wide institutional repository.
  8. CUNY IT Conference: The CUNY IT Conference in December included “Copyright, Fair Use and Open License Tools Online,” a panel that introduced CUNY’s new Copyright @ CUNY website and explained how content creators can publish their works with licenses other than standard copyright.
  9. Open Access Publishing: Good for Scholarship, Good for CUNY: A new presentation about open access, called “Open Access Publishing: Good for Scholarship, Good for CUNY,” was debuted at Lehman in December. The presentation offers a complete overview of open access and can be reused and modified by anyone who would like to give a similar presentation. (Contact the presentation’s creators if you’d like to use the speakers’ notes as well.)

What’s next? Let’s continue the CUNY-wide conversation about scholarly publishing and make sure there are more open access milestones in 2012.

Jill Cirasella (Brooklyn), Alycia Sellie (Brooklyn), Maura A. Smale (City Tech)

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