Executive Council

Officers 2013-14

President: Amy Ballmer (Graduate Center) aballmer@gc.cuny.edu
Vice-President: Jonathan Cain (Hunter) jca0033@hunter.cuny.edu
Secretary: Ian Beilin (City Tech) ibeilin@citytech.cuny.edu
Treasurer: Marta Bladek (John Jay) mbladek@jjay.cuny.edu

Urban Library Journal: Beth Evans (Brooklyn) ; Sally Bowdoin (Brooklyn)

Committee on Committees Chair: Jonathan Cain (Hunter)

Constitution & By-Laws Committee Chair: Jonathan Cain (Hunter)

Budget Committee Chair: Marta Bladek (John Jay)

Executive Council Meeting Dates and Rooms:
Unless otherwise indicated, all Executive Council meetings will be held at the Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue (between 34th and 35th Streets in Manhattan), Room C196.05 (Concourse Level). See meeting date for specific room numbers. All meetings begin 2:00pm unless otherwise noted.

Executive Council Meeting Minutes
Available via DSpace