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Subscribing to CULIBS

CULIBS-L is the online discussion group for CUNY librarians and library staff. It is not an open list.

CULIBS-L functions using listserv software. The IFLANET Guide to Internet Mailing Lists Guides and Resources provides a detailed explanation of how listservs work.

To subscribe, please submit a request to with the following subject line and body: SUBSCRIBE CULIBS-L firstName lastName 

This is an important listserv for CUNY librarians and other interested library staff. Subscription must be with a CUNY email address.

Searching CULIBS

Since this is a closed list, subscribers need to get a listserv password to access the Web archives or post via the Web.

You do not need a password to send regular e-mail to the list.

1) Go to

2) Click on “Get password” (on the right side) and complete the form.

3) A confirmation note will be emailed to you. Reply as directed.

4) Once you have registered your password go back to and login. You can now search CULIBS.

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