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Subscribing to CULIBS

CULIBS-L is the online discussion group for CUNY librarians and library staff. It is not an open list.

CULIBS-L functions using listserv software. The IFLANET Guide to Internet Mailing Lists Guides and Resources provides a detailed explanation of how listservs work.

To subscriber, members have to email with the subject "SUBSCRIBE firstName lastName." The body should also contain this (and only this) command.

It is important lists are for CUNY librarians and other interested library staff. Subscription must be with a CUNY email address.

Searching CULIBS

Since this is a closed list, subscribers need to get a listserv password to access the Web archives or post via the Web.

You do not need a password to send regular e-mail to the list.

1) Go to

2) Click on “Get password” (on the right side) and complete the form.

3) A confirmation note will be emailed to you. Reply as directed.

4) Once you have registered your password go back to and login. You can now search CULIBS.

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