Standing Committees

Budget Committee Members

Nora Almeida (President, City Tech; 2018-2019)
Ryan Phillips (Treasurer, Baruch College; 2018-2020)
Charles Keyes (LaGuardia; Term 2017-2019)

Stefka Tzanova (York; Term 2018-2020)

Committee on Committees Members

Ian McDermott (VP/President-Elect, LaGuardia; 2018-2019) 
Ryan Phillips, (Past-President, Baruch; 2018-2019)
Joseph Hartnett (Baruch; Term 2018-2020)
Wanett Clyde (City Tech; Term 2018-2020)
Charles Keyes (LaGuardia; Term 2017-2019)
Roxanne Shirazi (Grad Center; Term 2017-2019)

Constitution and Bylaws Committee Members

Ian McDermott (VP/President-Elect, LaGuardia; 2018-2019)
Wanett Clyde (Secretary, LaGuardia; 2018-2019)
Jill Cirasella (Grad Center; Term 2018-2021) 

Kimberly Abrams (City Tech; Term 2017-2020)
Charles Keyes (LaGuardia; Term 2017-2020)
Colleen Bradley-Sanders (Brooklyn College; Term 2017-2020)

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