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LACUNY History - Past Presidents

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2021-22: Jeffrey Delgado (Kingsborough Community College) 

2019-21: Ian McDermott (Laguardia Community College) *2 term President due to Covid-19 Pandemic*

2018-19: Nora Almeida (City Tech)

2017-18: Ryan Phillips (Baruch College)

2016-17: Junior Tidal (City Tech)

2015-16: Jonathon Cope (College of Staten Island) [resigned mid-term to take parental leave, Jennifer Poggiali (Lehman College) &

Jessica Wagner

Webster (Baruch College) assumed co-presidency]

2014-15: Steve Ovadia (LaGuardia Community College)

2012-14: Amy Ballmer (Graduate Center)

2011-12: Dália Leonardo (Graduate Center)

2010-11: Albert Neal (LaGuardia Community College)

2009-10: Jane Fitzpatrick (Graduate Center)

2008-09: Beth Evans (Brooklyn College)

2007-08: Lisa Ellis (Baruch College)

2006-07: Lisa Finder (Hunter College)

2005-06: LaRoi Lawton (Bronx Community College)

2004-05: Kenneth Schlesinger (LaGuardia Community College)

2003-04: Linda Roccos (College of Staten Island)

2002-03: Madeline Ford (Hunter College)

2001-02: Rob Laurich (City College)

2000-01: Lucinda Zoe (Baruch College)

1999-00: Kathleen Conahan (Hunter College) [passed away over Summer 1999, and VP Lucinda Zoe (Baruch College) assumed the Presidency]

1998-99: Jeanne Galvin (Kingsborough Community College)

1997-98: Laurel Franklin (City College)

1996-97: Jane Davenport (John Jay College)

1995-96: Faith Yoman (Graduate Center)

1994-95: Francine Egger-Sider (LaGuardia Community College)/Karen Svenningsen (College of Staten Island)

1993-94: Stanton Biddle (Baruch College)

1992-93: Dan Rubey (Lehman College) [resigned upon appointment as Chief Librarian at Lehman, and VP Stanton Biddle (Baruch College) assumed

the Presidency]

1991-92: Barbara Foster (Hunter College)

1990-91: Michael Dziezynski (New York City Technical College)

1989-90: Robert Ford, Jr. (Medgar Evers College)

1988-89: Morris Hounion (New York City Technical College)

1987-88: Colette Wagner (LaGuardia Community College)

1986-87: Pamela Salazar (Hunter College)

1985-86: Michael O’Donnell (College of Staten Island)

1984-85: Frederick Low (LaGuardia Community College)

1983-84: William Gargan (Brooklyn College)

1982-83: Helga Feder (Graduate Center)

1981-82: Solena Bryant (Queens College)

1980-81: Barbara Scheele (Brooklyn College)

1979-80: Thomas Jennings (Hunter College)

1978-79: Susan Vaughn (Brooklyn College)

1977-78: Sang Chul Lee (Lehman College)

1976-77: Eleanor Langstaff (Baruch College)

1975-76: Sheila Herstein (City College)

1974-75: William J. Myrick, Jr. (Brooklyn College)

1973-74: John R. Clune (Kingsborough Community College)

1972-73: Gladys Jarrett (York College)

1971-72: Thomas Atkins (Baruch College)

1969-71: Betty Carol Sellen (Brooklyn College)

1967-69: Sharad Karkhanis (Kingsborough Community College)

1966-67: Arthur Goldzweig (Hunter College)

1964-66: Harold D. Jones (Brooklyn College)

1962-64: Rose Z. Sellers (Brooklyn College)

1961-62: Barbara Greener (Queens College)

1960-61: Joseph H. Brewer (Queens College)

1959-60: Madeleine C. Yourman (Brooklyn College)

1958-59: Charles Rothe (Brooklyn College)

1955-58: Charles Pappalardo (City College School of Business)

1953-55: Joseph H. Brewer (Queens College)

1951-53: Joseph R. Dunlap (City College)

1950-51: Rose Z. Sellers (Brooklyn College)

1949-50: Howard D. Washburn (City College School of Business)

1948-49: Margaret Kenny Rowell (Hunter College)

1946-48: Edward Adams (City College School of Business)

1943-46: Harold Eiberson (City College School of Business)

1942-43: Mary J. Bowen (Hunter College)

1939-42: Rice Estes (Brooklyn College)

1939: Morris Gelfand (Queens College) 

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