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AccessWeb: Resources on Accessible Web Design
Accessibility of State and Local Government Websites to People with Disabilities
Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with Firefox by Patrick H. Lauke (Ariadne, Issue 44 July 2005)
Selected Bibliography On Intervention, Retention and Mentoring by Mounir Khalil (pdf)
Techniques for Web Content Accessibility from W3C
Bibliography: Web access in the campus and library environment (Axel Schmetzke, Library, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from W3C

CUNY Assistive Technology Services
CUNY University Faculty Senate Committee on Disabilities Issues
American Library Association, Libraries Serving Special Populations Section

Dreamweaver accessibility extensions

Best Practices in Web Usability: Understanding and Applying the ADA and Section 508 (co-presented with Web Management RoundtableApril 29, 2005 at the NYC College of Technology Library. Speakers: Kevin Tucker, City College, Deputy to the Vice-President for Student Affairs: Demystifying the Legal Landscape on Web Accessibility; Dr. Sylvie L. F. Richards, Brooklyn College, Faculty Development and Instructional Support Specialist, Office of Academic Information Technologies: Making Library Websites ADA Compliant